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He's Back. Team Fox MVP Jimmy Choi Competes on American Ninja Warrior

Choi has joined other big names with Parkinson's who fight their disease publicly.

Choi’s determination to finish the American Ninja Warrior course, despite his own personal battle with Parkinson’s, puts him in the same category as other celebrities who have chosen to openly and publicly fight their battle. Stars like Michael J Fox and Muhammad Ali have allowed the disease to have a public face and name. Now, Choi is using his athletic skills and passion to advocate for those with the disease and searching for a cure.

A big part of Choi’s commitment to raising awareness about Parkinson’s is through his fundraising initiatives.  Leveraging the support he garnered from his first appearance on American Ninja Warrior allowed him to raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation. His supporters through Team Fox and the Parkinson’s community not only offered him words of encouragement but also took action by purchasing signature t-shirts. All proceeds went to the foundation. There was also a virtual watch party and large social media presence.

Photo source: American Ninja Warrior/Youtube