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He's Back. Team Fox MVP Jimmy Choi Competes on American Ninja Warrior

He learned the best possible way to treat his condition, and later started to train for American Ninja Warrior.

After learning about the resources and treatment options that were available to him, Choi reflected on what he wanted for himself. He recognized that a body that is healthier will feel healthier and he quickly learned that the best way to cope with his diagnosis was to exercise.  Eventually, he took that thinking to a whole new level and began training for American Ninja Warrior. 

While extreme exercising might not be for everyone, those with Parkinson’s can find the best way to use exercise to help them to cope with their disease. For some, it might be something with gentle movements like tai chi or yoga, for others it could be swimming. Regardless of what you choose, it's vital to understand why you need to exercise and how it can improve your lives.

Photo source: Parkinson's Life