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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Discusses Life with Multiple Sclerosis

She broadcasts her use of a walking stick, encouraging others not to be embarrassed

Sigler has decided that one of the best ways to spread awareness for multiple sclerosis would be to share her daily life on social media, highlighting when she is having troubles or hardships. One of her most recent posts included the fact that she uses a walking stick to be mobile.

She's honest with her experience, she does not paint it in a different light than the way she experiences it. She admits that at first she despised the very idea of having to use a walking stick, or even buy one in the first place, but then she realized that this was due to a stigma that is inextricably associated with having a disability. When she came to this revelation, her mindset changed.

She was planning a trip to Jerusalem, and decided that she would use her walking stick proudly, and shared the moment on her social media, encouraging others to never hide out of fear of a stigma.