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Jennifer Esposito Continues to Raise Awareness for Celiac Disease

Jennifer Esposito's bakery: A rising star in the gluten-free industry

There is no cure for celiac disease. The only way to prevent the disease from acting up is by following a lifelong gluten-free diet. This means avoiding most types of bread and other products derived from wheat, rye, and barley. To this end, many companies have begun producing “celiac-friendly” versions of foods that regularly contain gluten, such as gluten-free bread, gluten-free sweets, gluten-free dishes, and so on. However, as Esposito says, not all companies ship their products with the best interests of celiac patients in mind.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery is a rising business in the industry of gluten-free foods, producing everything from sweets to bread, done the “right way”. Both her bakery and her business has been fueled by the desire to spread the message that she not only believes in but that she also lives by.

Photo source: Youtube