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NY Mets Legend Buddy Harrelson Faces the Biggest Battle of His Life: Alzheimer's

But his family tries to keep him socially engaged.

While scientists continue to do what they can to find a cure, his family has relied on the importance of social interaction to keep Buddy engaged. This often involves a lot of time talking about his time on the Mets, for which he needs little prompting to remember.

He often talks to one of his best friends, fellow Met Tom Seaver, with some regularity. While both of them suffer from memory-related complications (Harrelson with Alzheimer’s and Seaver from Lyme’s), both of them are able to talk to each other about their time on the Mets.

Tom Seaver told Buddy Harrelson about the California fires near him. When Buddy was relaying this story to his son, Tim, where Seaver and his wife, Nancy, were made to flee from their home at 4 AM., he attempted to express his anxiety and anger about the situation. However, his language loss stopped him.

Despite this, Tim says that helping his father find the words has been helpful for him and allows him to speak more.

Photo source: NY Daily News