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Nick Cannon on Living with Lupus: "Take it One Day at a Time."

Cannon brought his diagnosis to national television: On Showtime and BET

Nick Cannon didn't stop there. After sharing his story on his own show on Youtube, Nick Cannon has also spoken about his lupus nephritis on one of his comedy specials with Showtime. He said in an interview, "I talk about my lupus nephritis quite a bit in the show. It's therapeutic for me, to be able to talk about dealing with it." Cannon also brought his lupus diagnosis to the forefront in his show with Kevin Hart called Real Husband's of Hollywood. 

One thing Cannon will not let lupus disrupt is his work ethic. Though his time with America's Got Talent ended last year, Cannon brought his famous MTV show Wild 'n Out back with some old and new cast members. 

Photo source: Nick Cannon by Juste pour rire/Just For Laughs