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Nick Cannon on Living with Lupus: "Take it One Day at a Time."

Other celebrities with lupus: Selena Gomez

In September 2017, Selena Gomez shocked the world when she revealed on her Instagram that she had a kidney transplant because of her lupus nephritis. Fans have noticed that she was on the low, as she wasn't promoting her new music at that time. Gomez had to cancel tours and go on chemotherapy when she was treating her flare-ups of lupus. She also had to take off from her career in order to recover. Actress Francia Raisa, who is also one of Gomez's best friend, donated her kidney so that Gomez could have the transplant. Since the surgery, Gomez has been in recovery, and has been constantly raising awareness for lupus and the Lupus Research Alliance, an organization that is dedicated to raising money for lupus research and providing support for patients. Because of her work as a patient advocate, Gomez has been recognized as Billboard's Person of the Year. 

Photo source: Selena Gomez by music/love/life