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Nick Cannon on Living with Lupus: "Take it One Day at a Time."

Snoop Dogg described his daughter with lupus as "the toughest little thing."

In 2010, Snoop Dogg, his wife Shanté Broadus, and his daughter Cori sat down with People Magazine to bring more awareness to lupus. Five years before the interview, they noticeda light spot on their daughter's face before observing that she was losing a drastic amount of weight. Her hair was also falling out. After multiple doctor visits, there was no diagnosis, which made Snoop Dogg and Shanté feel "helpless". Their daughter went through multiple invasive tests and medications, but her condition continued to worsen. Now, her condition has improved greatly and according to Snoop, Cori is now winning the battle against lupus. She is also becoming a star in the making!

Photo source: Instagram/princessbroadus