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Pawn Stars' "Old Man" Dies After Long Battle with Parkinson's Disease

Fan-favorite "Chumlee" was at the funeral and spoke about his 20 year relationship with the Old Man.

Austin "Chumlee" Russell stated to Las Vegas Now about the service's turn out, "He comes off as your cranky grandfather, but I think everyone relates to that as just him being happy and nice. I think everyone is just coming out to pay their respects. I mean, he's been out in Las Vegas for a long time. He's done a lot for the downtown area, so people appreciate that."

Fans may know Chumlee for his role on Pawn Stars. Chumlee became a fan-favorite, even when he ran into legal trouble in 2016. He started working in the shop when he was just 21 years old and has had a relationship with the Harrison family for over 20 years.

Chumlee also went on to say, "He had plenty of funny moments. I'm just going to miss him hitting me in the back of the leg with his foot. Getting a good swift kick. I'm going to miss those kicks."

Photo source: Austen "Chumlee" Russell's Instagram