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Pawn Stars' "Old Man" Dies After Long Battle with Parkinson's Disease

The show's publicist shared fond memories with the Old Man on CBS News Las Vegas.

Laura Herlovich, the show's publicist, also reached out to CBS News Las Vegas to share her thoughts and memories with the Pawn Stars' Old Man.

She said, "He was so special and he was the heart and soul of this whole operation. He maybe gone but he's left a piece of him with all of us."

Herlovich also mentions, "I made him laugh one day. He's hard to make laugh. I don't know what I said but I made him laugh and his smile was the cutest smile ever. I felt so accomplished all day. I was like oh man I made the old man laugh."

We think that it's safe to say that the old man's humor, dedication, and compassion would be missed by his family and friends, as well as fans of the show. Fans also attended a public viewing of the old man to pay their respects in Las Vegas.

Photo source: Rick Harrison's Instagram