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Real Housewives Star Vicki Gunvalson Shares Her Daughter's Ongoing Battle with Lupus

Briana has a formal diagnosis of lupus. But, it is still a daily struggle.

Briana's lupus diagnosis wasn't revealed until the Season 11 finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County in 2016. And, though they have a formal diagnosis, the family isn't without their struggles. Turns out, lupus has already made its way to her daughter's heart and has damaged other parts of her body, causing new complications to make their appearance. 

One of these health scares was caught on tape. In 2016, Briana was shown having a hard time breathing while at a gas station, and immediately, she called her mother and expressed that she feared she was going to die right in front of her children. Vicki raced over, and an acquaintance pulled into the gas station and volunteered to look after the boys so that Vicki could go with Briana to the hospital.

Still, Vicki takes faith in her daughter’s strength despite the circumstance. While she feels awful that her daughter has to suffer at such a young age, her, Gunvalson and her family remain hopeful that a cure is in the not-so-distant future. 

Photo Source: Youtube/Bravo