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Robin: A Deep Insight into Robin Williams' Final Days with His Parkinson's Diagnosis

After struggling with insomnia and other symptoms, Williams committed suicide on August 10, 2014.

Two weeks later, he returned to his Bay Area home, still suffering from horrible insomnia and other symptoms. He had a slow, shuffling gait, which would remain in a fixed position at times and making him unable to move. He was extremely frustrated when he came out of it, and he was having memory issues, as well as a loss of spatial and visual abilities.

On August 10, 2014, Robin locked himself in his room after saying goodnight to Susan. The next day, it was already late when Susan went to check on him, only to find his assistant, Rebecca Erwin Spencer, outside his bedroom with the door still locked. His assistant said, “I think he’s getting better.”

However, by 11 in the morning, Robin still hadn’t come out. Rebecca took a paper clip to the keyhole and pried the lock open. The two women found Robin Williams dead at the age of 63.

Photo source: Eva Rinaldi