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Robin: A Deep Insight into Robin Williams' Final Days with His Parkinson's Diagnosis

Once he was diagnosed, Williams tried to right his wrongs and get the help he needed.

After his diagnosis, Robin went on an apology tour, begging for forgiveness to the people he wronged throughout his life. He asked his three children for forgiveness for the way he treated them during his drug addiction. Then, he asked Dana Carvey for forgiveness for allegedly stealing his bits, even when Carvey insisted that he hadn’t.

Shortly after, he checked himself into the Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Minnesota, to be “cloistered on a campus where he could receive close supervision, and where he could meditate, do yoga and focus on further 12-step work that, it was hoped, would help him manage his illness.”

However, this was not a simple disease; this was a neurodegenerative disorder that would only grow worse with time.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons