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Scientist Behind Dolly the Sheep, Key to Parkinson's Research, Has Disease Himself

Dr. Wilmut hopes his diagnosis will help further advance research.

Dr. Wilmut has explained that the decision to make his diagnosis public was made because he hoped it would be helpful in the context of research.

“I didn’t want to go around with a veil of secrecy around something, I’m not like that,” he said. “If it’s useful in any way to mention it, and in this research context it is, then I am very happy to mention it.”

“There was a sense of clarity, well, at least now we know, and we can start doing things about it,” Dr. Wilmut said in an interview with BBC Scotland. “As well as, obviously, the disappointment that it will possibly shorten my life slightly, and more particularly it will alter the quality of life.”

Photo source: Schering Stiftung