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Scientist Behind Dolly the Sheep, Key to Parkinson's Research, Has Disease Himself

Soon, patients will have access to earlier diagnoses, better predictions, and clinical trials. But more research needs to happen first.

“People with Parkinson’s urgently require access to earlier and more accurate diagnosis, better prediction of how their disease will progress and, most importantly, the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of new treatments,” Dr. Tilo Kunath. Dr. Kunath is a group leader at the MRC Center for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh.

After Dolly passed away in 2003 from a lung infection, her body was donated to the National Museum of Scotland. Dolly remains one of the most popular exhibits at the museum say the Roslin Institute.

"She’s been a friendly face of science,” Dr. Wilmut said in an interview with The New York Times after her death. “She was a very friendly animal that was part of a big scientific breakthrough.”

Photo source: Herald Scotland