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Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Cherry Pie

Buy Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Cherry Pie

If Oprah swears by it, then it must be great, right? Well, we can certainly get into this one that appeared on "Oprah's Favorite Things" in 2015.

Do you ever want to treat yourself to an absolutely delicious dessert, but not want to have to go through all the work to make it? Oprah relies on Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Cherry Pie for these occasions. The pie is described as "a golden latticework top crust reveals the sweet-tart cherry filling, simmered to perfection." Uh, are your taste buds firing yet? Ours are.

The pie is $70, and you can even find it on Amazon. Cherry not your favorite flavor? Don't be dissuaded from Oprah's pie pick just yet - it also comes in Apple, Mixed Berry, or Pecan. Pretty safe to say that we want to try them all.

Each pie is made and shipped in a custom made reusable deep dish pie pan. The product is sent to you frozen, and shipped on dry ice. So, you will have to wait for it to thaw overnight in the refrigerator, but the next day you will be ready for the treat of your life.

Self-care tip: While dessert is a great self-care treat however you have it, ensure you are getting the most out of it by truly savoring the pie, instead of just eating it. Put on some of your favorite music and light a candle.

Romantic date for one? Yes, please.