Lollia by Margot Elena Dream Bubble Bath

I don't know about you, but when I think of self-care, my mind goes straight to bubble baths. As such, it is only fitting that Oprah included a bubble bath on her epic list. However, this is no Mr. Bubble. The scent is divine, infused with white tea and honeysuckle. You can make your very own spa day from the comfort of your own home with this one.

Oprah considers taking baths a hobby of hers, and as such, she never is without her Dream Bubble Bath. Going on vacation? We guarantee this is better than the little hotel soaps, so bring it along.

Self-care tip: During your bubble bath, put on some soothing music to relax even further. Afterward, instead of stepping out into a towel, use a bathrobe instead if you have one. It just feels a little more luxurious, and takes your self-care up a notch.

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