K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Four-Pack Gift Box

Hmm, now that we think about it, chocolate is also at the front of our minds when we think of self-care. Break ups, periods, is there anything that chocolate can't cure?

However, the K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Four-Pack Gift Box is no average chocolate - and Oprah explains what makes it so special, "what do you get when two culinary geniuses come together? True chocolate bliss, courtesy of the world-class chef Thomas Keller and the renowned olive oil producer Armando Manni. This set has a pure, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate bar; a milk chocolate one; and two dark-milk chocolate blends." So, no matter what type of chocolate you prefer, it has you covered! These are perfect for gifts, but you're going to want to save at least one for yourself.

Self-care tip: Dark chocolate goes great with red wines, so if you want an extra treat, give yourself your own little wine and chocolate tasting.

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