Gourmia GSI180 Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker

Do you have a sweet tooth you cannot defeat? A lot of us do, and Oprah understands; however, those extra pounds that come along with it are never fun. Some people get rid of desserts completely, but with the Gourmia GSI180 you don't have to. You can easily make healthy frozen desserts, all from home, without worrying too much about the calories!

All you have to do is throw some of your fresh frozen fruit in, and before you know it this magical machine will have delicious soft serve whipped up for you. It's just that easy to satisfy your cravings while staying healthy.

Self-care tip: Want to take your dessert to the next-level? (As if it wasn't amazing enough already) Save some of those fresh fruits that you put into the Gourmia, and place chunks on top of the ice cream it creates for you.

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