The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness In A Changing World

In this age, it can often feel like everything we read in the media is about violence or hatred. Instead, open a book about lasting happiness, and implement it in your daily life.

The book is written by some of the most inspiring minds to ever walk the planet: Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. While these people are from completely different places, with some seemingly contrasting views, they come together to emphasize the importance of happiness, and how to find it in the confusing age we find ourselves in. Reading this book just might give you a new understanding of the meaning of happiness, how to find it, and most importantly - how to share it.

Self-care tip: Read one paragraph before you go to sleep, leaving you with happy thoughts as you drift off.

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