Active Compression Full Length Leggings

What hasn't Spanx come up with? Oprah loves their active compression full-length leggings. She says, "workout leggings that slim you? I'll take two, please. The SLIM-X performance fabric of these Spanx with a double-layer waistband is lighter than air, but they still manage to smooth all over. Thank you, Sara Blakely!"

Not only are these comfortable, slimming, and smoothing, but they are also super stylish! You will be rocking it at the gym like you never have before. Who said workout attire needed to be unattractive?

Self-care tip: Had a long day? Do not waste any time when you get home in those uncomfortable clothes. Take a nice shower or bath, then immediately slip into these leggings. No workout required - but if you want to, that's a self-care regimen on its own! Either way, you will definitely be feeling better in these leggings than any other pants you could be wearing.

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