Tocca Crema Da Mano Luxe

If you have never smelled Tocca scents before, believe us when we say they are to die for. Tocca is known for their perfumes, but they also make beauty products like their hand creams, available in some of the beloved perfume scents like Stella, Cleopatra, or Bianca.

The hand cream is moisturizing and absorbs quickly, so you never have to worry about that annoying goopy sticky residue. This is largely because of the amazing ingredients in it, like shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe. You'll feel soft and fancy, but there's just one problem - you might be tempted to walk around smelling your hands.

Not to mention, the packaging is adorable. You'll definitely want to have these on display in your bathroom.

Self-care tip: Keep one of these in your purse for whenever your hands are feeling dry or you could just use a pick me up on the go.

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