Eccolo A Great Thought a Day Notepads

We could all use some guidance in our lives, and A Great Thought a Day makes it easy. With 365 quotes meant to inspire, you will have one at your disposal every single day, so you don't have to worry about searching for one. An added bonus? It's a notepad!

Having a great thought to lead you every day can help you focus on what's important, and maybe even take a new approach that you would not have considered on your own. Want to get even more use out of this little notepad? On the pages, along with whatever you need to write, write your own quote of the day!

Self-care tip: Read the quote of the day as soon as you wake up, and actively implement it throughout your day. When you go to sleep, reflect on where the quote empowered you, where you could have used it but didn't, and how you plan to incorporate it in the future.

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