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Shonda Rhimes, Sleep Apnea and "The Year of the Yes."

Weight loss can ultimately lessen sleep apnea

As obesity has a direct relationship with sleep apnea, one of the best ways to prevent sleep apnea is to simply have a healthier lifestyle. A study shows that physical activity has a lot of health benefits for those who have the condition. First off, regular exercise helps with lowering high blood pressure, a possible risk factor for sleep apnea. Also, the study shows that weight loss can help lower instances of sleep apnea.

While the study does see some positive results, there are also indications that sleep apnea can lead to weight gain. This means that obesity may not just be a cause of sleep apnea but it could even a result. That said, the best way to help lower sleep apnea would be to nip it in the bud and develop a healthy lifestyle all at once.