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Soccer Player Jordan Morris Expresses His Experience with Diabetes on the Field

Jordan Morris had to learn how to manage diabetes to make his dream come true.

Morris always knew he wanted to be a professional soccer player, from high school to college to the Major Leagues. But to do this, Morris had to learn how to live with the disease. He studied how well his body reacts to foods, stressors, and exercise. Morris learned how to read his body to know how much insulin to give himself, based on how many carbs he eats or how much his blood sugar is off. Little things like the time of day or the temperature can change his insulin needs.

He also has a tattoo that is more than a statement; it is a lifesaving message. His tattoo is for first responders should Morris have an episode, go into shock, faint unexpectedly, or get hurt on the field.

Photo source: Mike Fiechtner Photography