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Soccer Player Jordan Morris Expresses His Experience with Diabetes on the Field

Morris now is a professional soccer player, learning to take diabetes one day at time.

Morris plays in the MLS on the Seattle Sounders, and while playing, he has had to learn how to maintain his blood sugar levels. And, Morris learned that diabetes is an unpredictable disease. Morris has his own tricks on the field. He carries around fruit snacks while he plays for when he has low blood sugar levels, and also uses a backpack to carry his supplies in case of an emergency while wearing an insulin pump. However, despite all his precautions, Morris knows that things can still go wrong.

“I think the toughest part about diabetes is it’s so unpredictable,” he says. “You can eat the same things, do the same work out a couple days in a row and your blood sugar will turn out differently at the end. It’s just different days lead to different blood sugars.”

Photo source: Mike Fiechtner Photography