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Still Alice: A Touching and Raw Portrayal of Alzheimer's Disease

Hilary Doxford: Alzheimer's patient's perspective of "Still Alice"

Another person living with early-onset Alzheimer’s is Hilary Doxford. As Doxford watched “Still Alice” she said, “I was left with a feeling of helplessness and a sense of inevitability that reached deep down into the pit of my stomach. It was a shockingly accurate reflection of my own experience. It felt like I was being shown my own future.”

Doxford was diagnosed at the age of 52. She had signs of the disease for at least seven years before the final diagnosis, but her doctors kept telling her that everything was okay. She married her husband, Peter after the last exam, but when she was diagnosed with dementia, she panicked. No one could tell her how much time she had left. Doxford started researching Alzheimer’s, which left her feeling guilty and very sad about what the impact would have on her husband, Peter.