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'This Is Us' Star Niles Fitch, AKA Young Randall Reflects on Dad's Death

He expressed that filming "This is Us" really impacted him, especially William's death.

When asked about which parts of his series “This is Us” really impact him, he answered with honesty and vulnerability.

“What really got me was William’s death in Season 1,” Niles recounted. “That was more like how my father passed away, me looking at him over in the hospital bed. It was play-by-play.”

It is important to note that the scenes with William’s death are not scenes Niles himself stars in, but they still hit him just as hard.

“I wasn’t even in [the scenes],” Niles explained. “I knew it was coming, and I think that’s the worst I’ve ever cried since my father passed away. I was losing it.”

Photo source: NBC