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'This Is Us' Star Niles Fitch, AKA Young Randall Reflects on Dad's Death

Kate's Club ultimately helped Niles cope with the loss of his father.

However, Fitch credits Kate’s Club for helping him get through his hard times. Kate’s Club is an organization that provides children who are dealing with the loss of a family member or friend with social, recreational, and emotional support. Kate’s Club was founded in 2003, when six children would get together in a bowling alley to discuss their experiences with grief. They have helped over 1,200 families since its inception and have over 200 members and volunteers. Kate’s Club honored Frederick Fitch at their annual gala. Niles flew in all the way from LA in a full tuxedo to offer the community a heartfelt thank you for helping him to heal.

“I was a 12-year-old kid in Atlanta, mad because I didn’t have my father and mad because I didn’t have an outlet,” Niles explained. “That’s where Kate’s Club came into the picture.” They provide grieving youth a space to connect with other grieving youth, which provides them with people who understand their pain.

Photo source: Youtube/Alive 11