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'This Is Us' Star Niles Fitch, AKA Young Randall Reflects on Dad's Death

No matter how difficult his situation was, his father always tried to make light of it.

Niles watched as his father, once a pillar of strength, grew sicker and weaker over  the course of a brutal New York winter.

“Even when he was sick, he would make light of it,” Niles remembered. “Which I still don’t know how he did to this day.”

Niles admits he thinks Frederick’s behavior was in part to make this situation less scary for his son, but Niles has something else to add.

“Yes, and I think he did it for himself, to make him think perhaps it wouldn’t be the end,” Niles explains with a maturity that far surpasses his 17 years on earth.

Photo source: Youtube/Alive11