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Whitney Houston's Mom, Cissy Houston, Is In the Early Stages of Dementia

Cissy Houston is still in control of her own thoughts, even with dementia in the picture

Even with dementia Cissy Houston is still in charge of her life. She recently released an official statement alongside Dionne Warwick concerning the alleged abuse by her other niece, Dee Dee. Her statement does indicate that Cissy is still in control of her thoughts:

“To begin we want to state clearly that the horror of what victims of sexual abuse experience is unimaginable. We make no attempt to minimize the pain, the trauma and perhaps lifelong damage to the psyche of abuse victims. We understand and acknowledge that there are no rules governing a person’s reaction to trauma and every person reacts differently. By this statement we do not intend to defend, condone or excuse the crime of molestation.”

Photo source: Facebook