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NY Mets Legend Buddy Harrelson Faces the Biggest Battle of His Life: Alzheimer's

Buddy Harrelson has a moderate form of Alzheimer's disease.

This terrible disease breaks people down function by function. It begins with what Buddy Harrelson was experiencing: memory loss and confusion. As time progresses, the disease leads to complete cognitive deterioration and culminates in the shutdown of bodily functions. There is no standardized timeline for patients, although Harrelson, who is 73-years-old, is suffering from what is considered mild to moderate Alzheimer's. His personality is mostly still intact and he is totally aware of what is happening to him, what the disease entails, and what that means for his future.

However, his cognitive awareness doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to lie down and die, so to speak. Harrelson was shocked and saddened by the initial diagnosis, but since then he has moved past it. In a 90-minute exclusive interview with The Post, Buddy Harrelson seemed ready to face the disease head on. “I’m not afraid,” he explains in the interview. “I see a lot of good people who have this, just like me. It’s okay; we’re not alone.”

Photo source: Empire Writes Back