Cindy Crawford encourages skin care with "Meaningful Beauty"

Model, actress, and businesswoman Cindy Crawford is still a fashion icon at age 52. The supermodel quit modeling full-time in 2000 to pursue other ventures, but she’s still looking sexy decades after her iconic ad campaign for Pepsi in the early 1990s.

Crawford claims the “secret” to looking young isn’t much of a secret; she encourages others not to smoke, to get plenty of sleep, to drink enough water, and to discover what makes them happy. She also stays healthy through Chinese medicine and by drinking a nutritious superfood smoothie every morning.

She also emphasizes the importance of taking care of your skin, even at a young age. Although you may not notice a difference when you’re young, your efforts will noticeably pay off later in life.

Crawford has her own skincare line, Meaningful Beauty. She does also receive certain cosmetic procedures, including Botox and vitamin injections.

Photo source: Cindy Crawford by Ibsan73/Meaningful Beauty