Lisa Bonet is tight-lipped about her secrets. But, we know she's vegan

She may be 50, but actress Lisa Bonet looks more like her 29-year-old daughter Zoe Kravitz’ sister than her mother. It’s unclear exactly how the former Cosby Show star has managed to hold on to her youthful good looks; Bonet hasn’t said much about her beauty regimen.

However, we do know that Bonet is a vegan, and it’s possible her vegan diet might be helping to keep her looking young.

Because vegan food options like fruits tend to be relatively water-rich, a vegan diet full of hydrating foods like fruit can keep us hydrated and keep our skin looking healthy and smooth. Because healthy vegan diets tend to be rich in nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, vegan diets can be high in the vitamins and minerals that tend to reduce the effects of aging, especially vitamins C and E.

Photo source: Instagram