Mario Lopez: Henrickson's Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser

Actor and television host Mario Lopez has been making us swoon since he played heartthrob A.C. Slater on the classic sitcom Saved by the Bell. Now 44, the charismatic TV personality says he’s happier than ever.

The Extra host works out daily, boxing and engaging in outdoor activities like running, biking, surfing, and hiking. He even plays basketball in his home gym. It’s been decades since he portrayed a high-school jock on Saved by the Bell, but Lopez is clearly still committed to physical fitness.

Lopez isn’t a believer in diets, but he does try to exercise portion control and always has healthy snacks like bananas and almonds on hand.

He takes care of his skin with products like Henrickson's Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser. The hydrating face wash contains soothing aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamins to thoroughly cleanse the skin without drying it out.

Photo source: Mario Lopez by Chrisa Hickey/Henrickson's Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser