Matthew McConaughy: Products with a menthol base

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughy has had a monumental career. He got his first big break in 1993 with his memorable, comedic appearance in the classic stoner comedy Dazed and Confused. Over the years, McConaughy moved on to establish a reputation as a truly talented, serious actor, winning an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his moving performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

Over the years, as McConaughy’s acting career continued to evolve, one thing remained the same: the 48-year-old True Detective Star has barely seemed to age.

McConaughy keeps his skin youthful and healthy by using lots of sunscreen. For McConaughy, though, regular old sunblock just won’t do. Instead, the actor prefers SPF creams with a menthol base, because menthol-based products are less greasy and tend to be absorbed by the skin more readily.

Skincare products with a menthol base soothe and invigorate the skin. When applied topically, menthol delivers a cooling sensation, soothing existing sunburns and helping the skin feel refreshed. As with any treatment, some people are sensitive to menthol, so you should stop using it if it irritates your skin. If you’re anything like McConaughy, though, chances are you’ll never go back to boring, ordinary sunscreen again.

Photo source: Matthew McConaughy by avda-foto