Patrick Stewart goes by clean living and clean thinking

Believe it or not, legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart is 77 years old—and still going strong. Comedian and television personality Stephen Colbert once joked that Stewart must be a time traveler, because he hasn’t seemed to age a day in more than 30 years.

However, Stewart claims the secret to staying youthful is actually quite simple. The former Star Trek and X-Men star has stated that clean living and clean thinking in every aspect of his life are what keeps his skin so remarkably toned.

So, what is exactly is clean living? Generally, clean living is a lifestyle choice to lead a healthy, natural life. You can live clean by: eating whole, organic, and unprocessed foods; avoiding foods with artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives; avoiding products that contain chemicals, toxins, and synthetic ingredients; limiting your intake of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; exercising and staying active; and being mindful of nurturing your physical and emotional well being by limiting the amount of stress in your life.

Photo source: Patrick Stewart by Gage Skidmore