Penelope Cruz: A strong believer in the gut-skin connection

Actress and model Penelope Cruz has repeatedly been named one of the most beautiful women in the world. In 2014, Esquire named the then-40-year-old star the Sexiest Woman Alive. Now 44, the Academy Award-winning actress is just as radiant as ever.

Cruz says she’s a believer in the gut and skin connection, the notion that the health of one’s gastrointestinal system is directly linked to the health of her skin. To keep her gut and skin healthy, Cruz takes vitamins, supplements, probiotics, and enzymes.

Cruz follows a strict diet, avoiding dairy, sugar, and gluten and instead eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein from free-range animal sources. Cruz also drinks plenty of water, rarely drinks alcohol, and quit smoking several years ago.

Cruz is committed to leading a health-conscious lifestyle, but she thinks Hollywood’s obsession with youth is sexist and absurd. The star chooses to embrace life at her current age, rather than longing for her lost youth.

Photo source: Penelope Cruz by Salvador García Bardón