Sandra Bullock: Keep up the hard work-out

It’s hard to believe Sandra Bullock is 53; the stunning actress is just as radiant today as she was when she starred as Miss Congeniality back in 2000. People magazine even named her the Most Beautiful Woman in 2015, when she was 51.

Bullock works hard to keep herself in shape. She works out with Pilates, weight-training, cycling, and kick-boxing as many as six days a week. She exercises with a personal trainer and changes up her workout routine every six to eight weeks to keep herself from getting bored and to prevent her body from getting used to the same old routine.

Bullock eats a healthy diet, planning out her meals each week. However, she allows herself one “cheat day” each week to rest and indulge in her favorite treats.

She cares for her skin by trying to stay out of the sun. She’s also the face of the luxury skincare line, Artistry.

Photo source: Sandra Bullock by Global Panorama