Victoria Beckham uses Dr. Lancer skincare products and her brand Morning Aura

Fashion designer, model, and singer Victoria Beckham made a splash in the 1990s as the glamorous “Posh Spice.” The former Spice Girl is still a style icon at age 44.

Beckham’s unbelievably smooth skin is maintained with oxygen facials and skincare products. She’s a big fan of Dr. Lancer’s skincare products. She especially loves Dr. Lancer sunscreen and Lift Serum Intense.

Beckham created her own product line with the beauty brand Estee Lauder. Her Morning Aura Illuminating Crème supposedly moisturizes, brightens, and illuminates your skin so you can emulate Beckham’s radiant glow. Beckham not only uses the product herself, but she also specifically created the product to give her skin a “fresh morning glow.”

Beckham also maintains her youthful appearance by working out daily, drinking lots of water, getting enough rest, and eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Photo source: Victoria Beckham by Michael Evanet Archives/Dr. Lancer