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Former MLB Player Dave Parker Shares His Perspective on Parkinson's Disease

The Parkinson's Foundation helps patients create better lives.

Another organization that is working with patients is the Parkinson's Foundation, which is nationwide and offers local resources to support patients in the United States. It was established by the National Parkinson Foundation and the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. The foundation tries to connect patients on a global-scale and has played a huge role in many advancements in research. They call themselves, "A community. An alliance. A movement." They do not want any patient or groups to feel alone as they battle Parkinson's disease. The Parkinson's Foundation also values excellence, teamwork, collaboration, integrity, positivity, dedication, and responsiveness.

On their website, patients can connect with others by sharing their experience with Parkinson's on My PD Story, and they can also learn about some of the events that they can join, like the Moving Day Walk. Patients can rally their family and friends to help raise awareness and money for Parkinson's research.