6. You're distracted while you eat

Eating while you’re distracted is a common cause of weight gain. Multitasking, like eating while you watch TV, eating in a hurry, or eating while you’re distracted all lead to overeating. Conversely, taking the time to slow down and appreciate what you’re eating can help you eat less and lose weight. Studies have proven that eating a meal while you’re doing something else like watching TV causes you to eat more during that meal and causes you to eat more later. If you focus on what you’re eating, you’re likely to eat less later.

Mindful eating involves noticing the flavors, colors, textures, and smells of what you’re eating and getting rid of any distractions while you eat. Eat slowly and be attentive to what you’re eating, and you’ll likely feel more satisfied after meals. Also, be sure to take a moment to consider whether you’re truly hungry or just reaching for a snack out of boredom.