Diet and Nutrition

15 Surprising Things that Contain Gluten

Alcoholic Beverages, Processed Meat, and Sweets

Alcoholic Beverages

Certain types of alcohol are made from grains like beer. Though most people claim that it is okay to drink because beverages like this go through a  distillation process, some patients experience reactions. Moreover, alcohol will not help in the process of healing. In order to hasten healing, people should stop drinking it.

Processed Meat

These products are known to be unhealthy due to the preservatives used to make it. An issue has been raised whether grain-fed animals are the source for producing processed meat. Moreover, processed meat has high gluten content since grains are used for its manufacture. Fortunately, gluten-free products like bacon, ham, and sausages are available in the market.


Sweet treats are enjoyed by people of all ages. However, for those who are on a strict gluten-free diet, sweets are a no-no because they might be made from flour or other ingredients that have flour such as malt. People who have a sweet tooth can bake their own desserts and sweets. Many recipes for gluten-free pies, macaroons, and cookies are found on the Internet.