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15 Surprising Things that Contain Gluten

Medications and Cosmetics


Some pharmaceutical companies utilize excipients that bind pill together. Not all excipients have gluten, but some may have it. Unfortunately, gluten indication for medicines is not practiced by manufacturers. Therefore, it is always better to check and inquire about the gluten content to your pharmacist, especially for oral medications. Generic medications tend to have small amounts of it. In case someone has adverse reactions to gluten from medication, notifying a doctor, explaining the symptoms, and calling the drug manufacturer should be done.


Although beauty products are not ingested, the quantity of gluten in them should still be considered. If a lip balm with gluten is used, there is a high probability of biting the lip and taking in that substance. Applying makeup with gluten poses a risk also if the hands are not washed thoroughly. Research still needs to be done to find out if hydrolyzed gluten in some beauty products is dangerous. Juice Beauty and Supergoop are some 100% gluten-free brands of cosmetics.