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15 Surprising Things that Contain Gluten

Pickles, Soy Sauce, and Salad Dressings


Pickles add the crunchy texture to dishes like salads. A person with celiac disease or allergy to gluten should not consume these right away. Because a pickle is not a usual source of gluten, many do not double check for its content. Most of the commercial pickles are free of gluten like Heinz. Pickles that contain malt vinegar must be avoided. Barley, which has gluten, is an ingredient in malt vinegar.

Soy sauce

It might come as a surprise that this salty condiment might actually have gluten. Many soy sauce products are mixed with wheat. As already known, wheat is a source of gluten. However, there are soy sauce brands without gluten. People must check the label before purchasing. They can also use gluten-free tamari as an alternative.

Salad Dressings

Most dressings have viscous consistency, so most likely a thickening agent was used. This particular product might contain gluten due to its function as a binder. One tip in buying salad dressings is to check for modified food starch.