12. "Hair of the dog" for hangovers

Some people swear by the “hair of the dog” cure for hangovers. They claim the best way to eliminate a pesky hangover is by drinking more alcohol as soon as you wake up. If you think this sounds counterintuitive, you’re right; the fact is, drinking more alcohol will only make your hangover worse.

The most common symptom of a hangover is dehydration, which results from alcohol’s diuretic effects. Alcohol can also trigger an inflammatory response in the body that impairs memory, concentration, and appetite. Additionally, alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach, causing nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Alcohol can also affect your blood sugar levels, which might make you shaky, weak, and possibly even more susceptible to seizures. Your body may need up to 48 hours to recover after a night of heavy drinking.

Having another drink is the absolute worst thing you can do if you have a hangover. It may provide a temporary numbing effect, but you’re only prolonging the inevitable and making your symptoms even worse in the long run. Instead of the hair of the dog cure, your best bet is to get plenty of rest and give your body time to recover. Also, be sure to rehydrate by drinking lots of water. Some people swear by Pedialyte for hangovers, because it’s lower in sugar than Gatorade and replenishes your body’s electrolytes, thereby helping to ease dehydration.