2. Chocolate gives you acne

There are a lot of myths when it comes to what causes acne. You’ve likely heard that chocolate causes acne, but the truth is a lot more complicated.

For the most part, eating chocolate or any other food will not necessarily cause you to break out. However, we do know that eating a high-fat, high sugar diet can increase sebum production and inflammation throughout the body, potentially contributing to acne. Therefore, although sugary, fatty foods like chocolate don’t cause acne directly, overindulging in these foods can increase your likelihood of developing acne.

Long story short: eating a bar of chocolate won’t make you break out. However, if you’re already prone to breakouts, you might want to limit your consumption of sugary, fatty foods like chocolate. Although these foods don’t directly cause breakouts, overindulging can make breakouts more likely.

One reason chocolate tends to get blamed for acne is that many women crave chocolate during PMS. Right before your period, changing hormone levels can increase oil production and cause you to break out. If you tend to break out right before your period, your hormones are to blame—not the chocolate you crave while you’re PMS-ing. However, you should be sure that you’re eating a well-balanced diet instead of filling up on fat and sugar; a balanced diet provides the nutrients you need for healthy skin.