6. Sugar causes hyperactivity in kids

Many parents are concerned that sugar causes hyperactivity in kids. However, most experts agree there is no known link between sugar and hyperactivity in children.

Researchers haven’t completely ruled out the possibility that sugar might have a slight effect on a small number of children. For the most part, though, sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children.

Many parents believe sugar affects their children’s behavior, but that perception is not rooted in fact. Multiple studies have confirmed sugar has no effect on children’s behavior or cognitive performance. Kids eat a lot of sugar on Halloween, at birthday parties, and on other exciting occasions when they’re likely bouncing off the walls. However, the sugar itself isn’t the cause of their hyperactivity; their excitement is.

Parents’ misconceptions about sugar causing hyperactive behavior likely result from the association between out-of-control antics and parties and events where eating sugar takes center stage. The myth of children getting a “sugar high” is just that: a myth.