8. Microwaves give you cancer

Contrary to what some people believe, microwaves do not cause cancer. According to urban legend, standing too close to a microwave exposes you to dangerous secondhand radiation that can cause cancer. It’s just a myth, though; microwaves are perfectly safe, and they don’t emit enough radiation to actually damage your body. Furthermore, the type of radiation microwaves emit is not the form of radiation that causes cancer.

Microwaves use low-energy, non-ionizing radiation, which is different from the high-energy radiation found in X-rays that does damage DNA. Although microwave ovens heat food using radiation, that radiation is not transferred to the food itself. Microwaved food does not become “radioactive” or unsafe. The only possible exception is if your microwave is severely damaged and begins leaking excessive amounts of radiation. However, this is an extremely unlikely occurrence. As long as your microwave is in proper, working order and you use it as directed, using it will not increase your risk of cancer.