9. If you swim after you eat, you can get a cramp and drown

Parents often warn their children that they should wait at least 30 minutes after they eat to go swimming. Swimming immediately after eating, they warn, can cause severe cramps and ultimately lead to drowning. Despite the dire warnings we all heard growing up, the truth is that a painful stomach cramp caused by swimming right after eating will not cause you to drown.

After we eat, blood flows to the stomach to aid with digestion. This makes it possible, though not likely, that swimming right after eating can cause stomach cramps. However, even if you do get cramps, they will not lead to drowning.

Engaging in any kind of strenuous activity shortly after eating can potentially lead to cramps, nausea, and vomiting. Some of us get tired after meals, so it might be wise to rest for a few minutes before engaging in any vigorous physical activity. When it comes to swimming after eating, it’s safe to get back in the water as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.